About Us

We provide Educational Consulting solutions. We catalyze your vision to provide the best educational experience for your learners. Our innovative solutions help academics, entrepeneurs, and their institutions leverage technology to design effective learning programs, deliver high quality instruction, and streamline assessment and evaluation of programs and services. We design and implement training solutions tailor made for each client’s needs, from conception to completion. Our systematic research-based approach promotes customized solutions using best practices in education. Our belief that all learners have the chance to succeed drives the decisions we make every day.

Meet Our Trainers

Judith Slapak-Barski, Ed.D.

Director of Academics and Training Services

Dr. Judith Slapak-Barski specializes in designing and implementing educational programs from needs analysis and design through production and deployment. She puts her 25+ years of experience teaching diverse adult populations at the service of our clients, to create tailor-made training programs that fit individual needs. Judith is a certified instructor, curriculum committee member, and course developer for the National Society of Experiential Education (NSEE)’s Experiential Education Academy (EEA). She combines principles of experiential education and best practices in online learning by creating and delivering programs that help learners immerse in real-world experiences. Through an individualized consulting approach, Judith helps each client to materialize their vision for sustainable learning programs.


Hernan Barski, A+, N+, MCP

Director of Information Technology

Hernan Barski has been working in the I.T. field for over 23 years. Besides being the Director of Information Technology at Net Training, he is the President and Senior Consultant of Net Training's parent company, NetPC Services. His expertise ranges from LAN/WAN installation, configuration and support all the way through help desk/user support.

Lili Steiner, Ed.D.

Senior Trainer

Dr. Lili Steiner specializes in designing and implementing educational solutions that are efficient, effective, and at scale. Lili focuses on the development of meaningful learning innovation from conception to completion. Her research and experience have shown that a full-cycle approach is the most effective way to deliver value. Because of this, she works on full-cycle, full-scale projects. Conceptually, this means that she is involved in every phase, rather than just research and design, to deliver fully functional, sustainable systems.

Andres Hechavarria, A+, N+, CIOS

IT Operations Specialist, Senior IT Consultant

Andres is an Experienced individual with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Computer Repair, WordPress, IT Service Management, Servers, and Web Design. Currently possesses 16 years of experience with a Associate's Degree focused in Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications Engineering.

Laura Pachter, M.S. Ed.


Laura Pachter specializes in English language training and instructional coaching. Laura has taught English as a second and foreign language at all levels and has led professional development and best practices initiatives. She possesses vast experience in designing curriculum and professional development plans based on needs assessment tools and evaluation cycles. As instructional coach, she has a proven track record of increasing effectiveness in learning environments through a process of SMART goal-setting combined with dynamic and motivational strategies and techniques. Her strong linguistic skills both in English and Spanish have opened opportunities in the fields of marketing and communications as editor proofreader for educational and medical content. Laura has also earned a B.A. in TESOL and an M.S. in CIT.

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